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Staff report [I can´t make new tread in Staff report]
When reporting a player/staff we want you to fill in this template which is stated down below.
If you are not able to state all of the criteria, then that is acceptable- but EVIDENCE is a must!

NOTE: Invalid reports may result in serious ban time dependent on the severity.

Your name: 212th CMD Cody
Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:54660523

Name of the reported player: Stevie

Steam ID of the reported player: Unobtainable in current state, he is just on Discord.

Rank of the reported player(User/vip/moderator/admin/etc): Project Manager

Why are you reporting the player?
Horrible behaviour towards players, threats, egotistical, granting promotions without permission.

Time of occurrence (Please specify as exactly as you can, we can use this time for a reference to check in the logs): Check the timestamps around the messages in the screenshots. : 6 PM - 11 PM

Evidence in the form of video or screenshot: Screenshots of my friend (Do not show his name but will explain everything) <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special <--- Special (He will let them be ?) <--- Special (Advertisement are not allowed and they are inviting to their Network) <--- Special (Advertisement are not allowed If I am right. Doesn´t matter if that is only your channel.) <--- Special <--- Special (Foxer is really founder or not ?)

Anything else to add:
Thank you for playing here, it was fun.
And manipulation is not bad at all right ? <--- Special
I recommend my idea of using ban system.

If there is a problem between staff VS staff.There will be a law game between prosecutor VS suspect.
If the prosecutor win,the suspect will be get demoted and ban.
If suspect win,the prosecutor must pay a money.

The prosecutor's turn will be start first.Prosecutor must explain the problem and show the evidence then explain the evidence.
Then suspect will be start later.Suspect will win the game if he can change all evidence into an unproved evidence by explain that each type of evidence isn't real.
The time limit for each turn is 2 days.
After each turn is finish,the server owner or someone else must discuss and think.Is the suspect do it or not using the evidence and think each of the evidence that suspect have say that its unproved?

If the suspect win in first time of that game,the prosecutor can give an appeal,but need to wait for 2 weeks.All the evidence must be new.
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Thank you I am back in. Now it will not allow me to edit my password. It gives me a spot for my old password but not my new one. If this one cant be fixed I can deal with using the temp one. Is there any possibility that my privileges got clipped somehow?

By the way, I found used 2004 Bmw 325 Ci Sul and if I hadn't found Vinchain car registry database service, I'd paid for vehicle with roof damage. Hope this helps someone, they are better than other car history report services in my opinion.

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