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Cody´s Surface Marshall Application
First of all I decided to do this appication because I am doing a lot of events and I can´t be that much active as Commander. Also in Lore Cody was Surface Marshall aswell when he left 212th. But it is up to you how you will decide. Or it could be as second character for important things.

In Game Name : 212th CMD Cody
Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:54660523
Age : 21
Play Time : 1 day 6 hours
Number of Warns/kicks: 0
Do you have a working microphone ? : Yes, I do
Rank (Atleast CPT+ is needed) : Commander

What is your highest rank that you have obtained and in which regiment was it ? It is 212th where I am Commander. In this case there is one problem that I am doing a lot of events and I cant command all troopers or I can´t order atleast my troopers in battle as Event Member.

Tell us something about yourself (Minimal 100 Words)
I think that i am taking RP really serious. My big advantage is that i am strict but it is also my big disadvantage. As Commander of 212th I had to deal with a lot of new good players but also with a lot of players who do not want to Role play but just doing mess around. And yes, I know that I am really strict but also i am trying to solve problems by calm head but sometimes I am also really angry person and that is when somebody is not honest. Another thing what you should know about me is that before I am moving somewhere or I am changing for example my regiment I am always preparing my EXO to post of Commander (127)

Why should we pick you as the Fleet ? (Minimal 200 Words)
I think that I have acquired a lot of experience mainly because of my post as Commander. I want to show everybody that everybody can achieve his dream if he will keep on rules. However because I am on the ship for longer time i gain really good relations with other troopers from other regiments I think mainly with IST also a lot of the former ST troopers will remember me because they know that if they are breaking rules there is also punishment. Also I think that in 212th i achieve really good community and also I am really proud that they are doing honor to their old regiment which was ST. If I will become Fleet it also allows me to check every regiment If everything is alright and also I can keep eye on them. However what I saw strictness is also something what in Fleet team miss. Another thing why you should pick me is because I want to give troopers the best preparation before missions and I also want to show troopers that Fleet is not just their staff but he also can be really helpfully if some trooper have some problem. Do not forget we live together and we will die together ! (208)

What makes you stand out from other potential candidates ? (Minimal 200 Words)
First what stands me out from other potential candidates is that I arrived to the ship earlier than other troopers and to be honest I really do not know how long I am on this ship. Another thing is that I think i am more experienced then others which I obtained as Commander and also on my previously ship. Also there is my advantage and that is my strictness. A lot of troopers do not like this strictness but look at them now. They are getting promotions and they are also respecting others which is thing that I achieved. When I finally choosed my EXO I was aiming to higher position and then it comes. One of our Fleets gets to our bunks and he just said that we are all did really well on mission where we were defending Venator. After that my dream has changed forever I saw how they are leading and also taking care about everyone. However what also stands me out from other potential candidates is that I am communicating with regiments,commanders and troopers more than other fleet do which I can see really clearly. When some regiment have problem I do not have problem to help them out. Last thing is that i believe that Fleet needs somebody who is strict but also he is happy when he can help others. (228)

Describe what are the roles and responsibilities of Fleet. (Minimal 100 Words)
The role of a Fleet is to make sure if ship is alright and if troopers have everything what they need. Also they are in high command which means they are making sure that every trooper is doing their job that good how he even can and also keep eye on everybody who is not doing his job. However there his role is to ensure the safety for everyone on the ship. Fleet Officer should also assist everyone on the ship and you can prepare every single trooper for an action. If there is some combat, Fleet Officer should assigning regiments to their positions on the ship. Also as Fleet Officer you should keep eye on every ship that is get on Venator or also if some ship is leaving. However as Fleet Officer you should be strict but you have to deal with problems by calm head. (148)
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