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Syre's Navy Application
Hello! I hope you will not mind this post, as a template is not *yet* available and patience has never been my strongest asset. I will be modifying the available applications for this.

Basic Questions:
Name: Mason
Age: 19
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:18829313
In-Game Name: ST PVT 1575 Syre
Do you have a microphone? Yes
In game time: An hour

Important Questions:
What makes you want to join? The Imperial Navy is, by nature, the most roleplay-heavy position in Star Wars RP servers. This is because unlike Troopers who can pass their downtime at firing ranges and the like, Navy Officers are more restricted to passive RP with the crew and other officers. This is the experience I yearn for and crave. This is the RP I am most adept at.
What makes you a good Naval Officer? My ability to strategize and, despite the joke at the beginning of this application, my patience.
Why should we pick you over another applicant? I have experience. With over 2.5k hours in GMod, 2k of those are dedicated to Serious Star Wars RP, most of which was in either a Staff, Commander, or Navy role. I know what I'm doing, I know what is expected of me, and I do what I am supposed to.
What past experience do you have in Navy RP? Grand Admiral (by election) on Aurean Imperial RP before it shut down, Admiral on both Alathfar and Synergy, multiple Senior Officer positions on smaller Imperial and Clone Wars servers, General on a small First Order server, the name of which escapes me currently.
Do you have experience with Star Wars RP? Vast experience, from starting a server with a group of friends, to being a Stormtrooper Drill Sergeant, I have been in every possible position one in a Star Wars RP environment can be in, and I am most effective in the Navy.

Again, apologies for the shoddy format. I am just anxious to get my application out there.

Pretty app, Massive experience which is the best thing in this app. , Good adept to get at least Fleet Ensign from Beginning and then see how he will do.
This Guy knows what hes doing. +1
Even though you didn't use the assigned template, which wasn't set yet, this app is pretty good. ACCEPTED, ask staff for a whitelist to Navy Cadet when you join the server.
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