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Wish´s Event Manager Application
Hello there. My Name is Wish and i´d like to apply for Event Manager.

Name: RL Name: Max,Nickname: Wish
Age: 14
SteamID: 76561198245185444
In-Game Name: Wish. Rank: ISC LCPL Number: 5689
Have you donated? If so how much?: I can only donate good events.
What is your playtime?(Playtime shown towards the top in-game): 1 day and a few hour. [Im on every day and it will change]
What timezone are you from?: Central European Germany Berlin

What makes you unique to other staff members?: I care about the People. I want them to have a Good time. If someone ruins that Roleplay, i will make them pay. They WON´T ruin your and my Roleplay experience. Garrys Mod isn´t an Epic Roleplaying Game but i want make the best out of it.
Why would we want you on our staff team?:Because i want to make Good Events. I want to make others feel like playing on our Servers. I want to make others feel like they are in the Star Wars Universe. Fighting Rebels or Stormtroopers.
How many hours could you play weekly?: If it goes well I could be on 5 Hours on Work Days and 10-24 hours on Weekends
Have you ever been warned on the server you're applying for?: Not on the current Version yet.
Do you have experience with Star Wars RP?: I have been playing on every Server of Omega since the ealierst one.
Do you have experience with moderating servers?: I was Admin on a Server Bongo owned in the Game: Unturned

"ST 1717 John" has been reported for minging and RDM, what would you do to find out he is doing so?(IN DETAIL):
I will question all Witnesses and then check the Logs for any unnormal activites. If that is, i will Jail that Person and make them read the rules again. If they do anything but the smallest minge or RDM i will kick them as soon as possible.
You catch a user RDM someone what punishment would you give to that person?(IN DETAIL):
I would warn him for RDM. Jailing that Person would also be an option.
You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation?(IN DETAIL):
I will report it to the Owner as soon as possible, if possible capture evidence by Video,Voice or Screenshot.

Since this Template doesnt fit the Event Managers place i will add something:

My name is Wish and i want to make the Events of this Server Special. I want People to come on the Server because they want another Event. I want to actually use a lot more mechanics and more tactics to use. Using Cover, Blowing Up Stuff to destroy others, putting down certain Thermal Detonators,Weapons etc to use. I want to actually spend time on the Events. While i do that i would also care for the Players and organize something to keep them Busy. Maybe a little Arena at spawn when its getting done or Battle Royale. Whatever they Wish. I just want them to have a GOOD Time. I cant assure i will succeed but i WANT to actually try. I want them to feel like actual Empire Members who just shot Rebels to protect their Higher Ups. To save People from dying. Get them to take their Position Serious. I want to also make Events with perma death so they will be trapped in Spawn. This may lead to extreme concentration and Tactics because they know, "If i fuck up here, im out of this Event". And they probably wouldn´t want that. Just like an actual Soldier in War. If they are Dead, its over. Nothing of Life is there anymore. They are GONE. I saw Rogue one recently and i remember how i felt during the old Star Wars Movies. I felt so with them. I wanted to be one of the Stormtroopers or the Rebels. I want to make Players have the same Feeling. Please give me a chance as an Event Manager. I only want the Good for others. For everyone.

Your trustworthy Player

Wish, aka Max
Positives : Really cool guy, Friendly, Active, He is trying his best to do some good Events.

About what makes you unique. Every single Moderator should care about people so that do not makes you unique.
Questions could be answered better.

But it will be +1 because right now we do not have a lot of Event Managers and we need them so much.

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