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Staff Application Template
Omega Networks Staff Application
What is required of a moderator?:
Have a microphone, not having one should give you a hard time getting moderator.
A mature attitude towards rule-breakers.
A friendly personality.
Commitment to the community.
The ability to keep a situation calm.
Sufficient knowledge of the English language.
The ability to turn a player's intentions from bad to good in a kind way.

Copy template below:

Basic Questions:
In-Game Name:
Have you donated? If so how much?:
What is your playtime?(Playtime shown towards the top in-game):
What timezone are you from?:

Important Questions:
What makes you unique to other staff members?:
Why would we want you on our staff team?:
How many hours could you play weekly?:
Have you ever been warned on the server you're applying for?:
Do you have experience with Star Wars RP?:
Do you have experience with moderating servers?:

Situational Questions:
"ST 1717 John" has been reported for minging and RDM, what would you do to find out he is doing so?(IN DETAIL):
You catch a user RDM someone what punishment would you give to that person?(IN DETAIL):
You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation?(IN DETAIL):

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